You are on the site of roman catholic parish community in Šternberk, Czech Republic. This parish comes under Olomouc diocese.

Seeing that this sites are changed every week, we are not able write news at the same time in english. Unfortunately

You can browse sites about history in english. All other sites are in czech language


If you are coming to see Šternberk and wish for our service, please send us e-mail.




The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

The Most Holy Trinity - Šternberk's pilgrimage

Chat - Mission in Irak

Pentecostal vigil

The pilgrimage in Horní Loděnice

Easter vigil

Youth's meeting

The blessing of stations of the cross

The pilgrimage for married couple

Deanship's meeting

The ball of willingness people

Motherhood's Candlemas pilgrimage

YEAR 2005




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